Safety First

We believe that safety and efficient production go hand and hand. Every effort is made to prevent injury to our employees by taking all possible steps to improve working conditions and practices.

Environmental Friendly

One of our top priorities at C.S.S is to protect the environment. With over a decade of experience and knowledge, we are the leaders in accident scene remediation in Essex County. That’s why we choose to use only Eco-friendly materials when available and comply with keeping the environment clean for generations to come by the work we do!


We provide a variety of services including emergency spill response, scene remediation and traffic management services. We employ highly trained staff in many areas including traffic management, hazardous material response, transportation of dangerous goods, the incident command system and we have a dedicated emergency response team coordinator.

Regulatory Compliance

C.S.S collaborates with other industry related entities and Ministries to facilitate ongoing education and training to ensure that our people are aware of their specific compliance responsibilities. Our management team is continually developing and enhancing procedures and processes to ensure all business activities take account of any relevant obligations.

Risk Assessment

We aim to achieve better practice in the management of risks that threaten to adversely impact on the company, its functions, objectives, operations, assets, staff, consumers or members of the public. C.S.S does whatever it can (whatever is ‘reasonably practicable’) to ensure its workers, consumers and other people are not harmed by its activities.